The mobile games industry has made great leaps in recent years. It uses gaming apps not only to entertain customers but also to market products. The nature of games has changed as they are developed, becoming more complex. They used to be aimed at mostly single players, but they have been developed to allow multiplayer action, allowing any number of people to share the experience. The mobile game industry has many competitive developers which has enriched the quality of apps introduced to the market. Trends emerge rapidly, aimed to suit a large and diverse market of users looking for fun, or a shared learning experience through exciting apps.

Adult Entertainment Trend: Brother’s Crush

Brother Crush - New Brand
Brother Crush – New Brand

Adult industry is booming with new products and we are about to put our hands on brand new series called Brother’s Crush. Featuring step family relations taken to new level, is promising to deliver to most taboo-ish gay step family content. This time the sexual crush is developing between step brothers, making the forbidden fruit taste even sweeter. The question is, are we ready for so much controversy in one series? We hope so – the series is debuting later this summer.

Most Favored Genres

These days, a user is not limited to specific games. New creative experiences are being generated to improve the gaming experience.

Shooter Games

This genre still carries the largest fan base and gets the most positive reviews. The thrill of offloading a weapon on a target still carries the day, with developers taking extra steps to outdo their competition. This ranges from military simulations as well as apocalyptic simulations. User preference can be measured by the number of customers willing to spend their money on a game. From past statistics as well as expert analysis, FPS (first person shooter) games are the ones with most appeal to the commercial crowd. An example of these are the Far Cry series, Walking Dead Overkill, Metro, and many others.

Action Games

This genre has also generated its fair share of sensation in the media. Action games are exciting and full-on, and make the player crave more action. This is why most action games come in a series – well, that and the 5 star ratings from satisfied gamers. Action games are developed to their highest potential by improving the quality of the graphics as well as the special effects. Examples of hot games trending in 2018 are God of War, Sea of Thieves, and Monster Hunter among many others.

Role Playing Games

This genre has been developed much later compared to other genres. These require a high level of imagination and creativity to realize the most thrilling user experience. The idea here is developing a world where the user can choose to be whoever they want to be, while making the experience as realistic as possible. Developers who don’t reach this level have seen their apps flop next to competitive brands on the market. Examples of this genre include Mass Effect, the Witcher and Final Fantasy.

Sport Games

This genre has also risen fast in the game market and complements real life sporting activities. The genre has been used to market various sports and brands, linking them to the already enormous fanbases out there. Many lovers of this genre are looking for a virtual sporting experience, so developers focus on making them as realistic as possible, recreating famous events and incorporating them in their applications. An good example would be the FIFA games, which have emerged as a giant success.

Adventure Games

This genre is a staple of gaming over the years. Many people enjoy the gradual development of a plot within a game that offers the chance to explore areas that do not exist in reality. Major adventure games have steadily gained ground in the gaming arena with titles such as the Legend of Zelda leaving players hooked on their storytelling and immersive atmosphere.

In the list of trending options, strategy games and a series of racing games continue to dominate their respective genres. If mobile gaming is something that interests you, it’s safe to say you’ll find something that fits your needs.


Development of mobile games used to be tedious as it involved writing complex codes. .Thanks to the mobile development software tools owing to which developing these games have become really easy.