We are going to present the top 5 gaming companies in the world in this article. The selection is based on the number of published and developed games by the company. All these companies had a lot of influence on the video gaming industry.

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1.    KONAMI

Konami is a Japanese company engaged in developing and publishing video games. This company ranks 2nd in the world for the most number of video games. Konami serves players of all ages and backgrounds. The company’s offerings are very diverse. Here are some of the most popular franchises of the company:

  • Castlevania: This game initially started as a platformer game on the side scroll which had access to various weapons like a whip. It had a lot of success and was eventually turned into a 3-dimensional action RPG.
  • Metal Gear: In this game, the player takes on the role of a snake and the task is to permeate through some facility and finish off the crucial objectives of the mission.
  • Silent Hill: This game is all about conserving your items as you solve puzzles.

2.    SEGA

Sega Corporation is usually known in the world as SEGA. It is the company that is engaged in developing and publishing games. Sega holds the number one spot in terms of the number of released titles. Sonic, the hedgehog, which is the official mascot of SEGA, is so famous that people, who have not even played a game with the mascot in, can still recognize it. SEGA used to be the leader in the console industry until 2002. This is when they stopped producing SEGA Dreamcast and fully dedicated themselves to arcades and development/publishing of video games. This decision was taken due to Dreamcast losing traction in the market and the console market getting too competitive.


Nintendo is the third largest video game company of the world in terms of developed and published games. They claim the largest market share compared to any other video game company in the world. They can also claim to be owners of some of the most popular series of video games of all times. Everybody has heard of The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Mario. This company is also a very strong contender in the raging war over gaming consoles, and also the only company which has been able to release a new console in all video game generations after the 3rd.


Ubisoft, as well as Electronic Arts, hold the distinction of having their own DRM Server which they call Uplay. While you do not have to stay online to play all the games that run with Uplay, you are still required to be logged in during the time when you are starting the game.

Ubisoft Entertainment, or Ubisoft as it is usually called, is the 5th largest video game company in the world. It is a French-owned company that is engaged in the development and publishing of video games.


Electronic Arts is the 4th largest company engaged in video games in terms of the number of games developed and published. The company also boasts of the number 1 publisher in the western countries. Electronic Arts has been part of the video game industry for more than 20 years now.

One of the predictions is that the trend of video games is going to accelerate as we see increased engagement in younger people, women, and in college campuses. More than half of teenagers play video games for several hours every day. Engagement of video game players is continuing to grow at a breakneck speed, and this can mean huge returns for people who have an inclination to this space.