Android is recognized to be a robust operating system for mobiles with tons of games and apps. You can enjoy some of the most amazing games with your android phone. Here are the top featured android games

 Deus Ex The Fall

Deus Ex The Fall is recognized to be one of the most well renowned First-Person Shooter games. You will be able to find a unique blend of actions in this game. Enjoy the progressive elements along with the deep storytelling of the RPG. The amazing visuals along with hourly content makes this first-person shooter game worth your time.

 Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 contributes to being one of the definitive first person shooter games for phones. The game probably has the best graphics than any other FPS game. You can have hours of fun as you can enjoy playing this game in both single as well as multiplayer mode. You can have several new kinds of stuff to enjoy with a number of content updates in the game.

 Dead Syncoronicity: TCT

If you are fond of playing adventurous games, Dead Syncoronicity: TCT is for you. In the game, there will be an individual who does not have any idea of what is happening around. It is your job in the game to protect him as he moves around in the dark world where everything seems to have fallen on him.

 Shadowgun Deadzone

Shadowgun Deadzone is recognized to be a game which is about multiplayer with deathmatch. In this game, a person can go head to head against all players. It is possible to choose from plenty of characters in this game. Plenty of the characters can only be availed after unlocking. The game also comes with amazing weapons which are only available after unlocking. As you play more, you will be rewarded with level ups and XP which will be helpful in procuring better gear.


Robocide happens to be a perfect game for those who enjoy real-time strategy games. Your primary aim will be taking out the enemy bases in this RTS game. You will command an army of robots in this game who will have various abilities. You will send them to different points around the map for taking out the enemy defenses. There are more than 500 various robots which are available for collection as well as up gradation.


If you are willing to play a simple game, this game is just for you. This addictive gameplay comes with a canvas of pretty colors. In this arcade style flying game, it is possible to guide as well as control different airplanes via 3D and colorful environments. The game comes with an additional screenshot capability where you can save images and perform tricks with planes.

 Thumb Drift

If you are fond of drift racing style, check out this. You can make use of easy one-touch controls for drifting the car around the different corners at the right time and controlling the same for scoring big points.

These games will confer real fun and you can relax and say no to stress as well. Games are the best options to unwind. Play the above-mentioned games and have an amazing time.