Playing games on phones happen to be one of the most common hobbies of android users. Racing games have become more popular among Android users in these days. A wide number of racing games are available on the Google Play Store. Here is a list of  the best racing games for Android:

 Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 contributes to being a well renowned solid racing game where you can pit trucks against buggies and cars. Featuring authentic physics mostly, this game has won millions of hearts with the impressive graphics. You can choose from 28 varied cars and trucks on the race track. The new drift mode is for testing the skidding skills of users.

 Real Racing 3

This game is recognized to be one of the best racing games for mobile devices. In this game, there are several officially licensed tracks and cars from different parts of the globe. The game is inclusive of more than 100 cars from the best manufacturers which are inclusive of Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, etc. The game is known to have races for multiplayer and thus you can play with your friends online.

  Asphalt 8: Airborne

This game lets you enjoy breathtaking flips and insane tricks in the air. You can raise your car high in the air and implement mind blowing tricks in the air with an eye to scoring big points. Featuring 13 most beautiful and exotic locations from across the world, you can go for multi -racing along with your friends. It is possible to play this game with ghost players and beating their scores without having them online. You will, however, be requiring at least Dual Core device for enjoying this game.

 Beach Buggy Blitz

 You can race against several players in this exciting beach racing game. This game will allow you to perform racing on a beautiful island with magnificent views. This game features several mesmerizing graphics that come along with realistic effects and authentic physics. With higher racing, you will be able to unlock more content. It is possible to unlock a wide variety of new cars with superb power-ups which can be used against opponents for gaining edge while racing.

 Need for Speed No Limits

This game has gained high popularity for featuring several realistic graphics. It is possible to customize your car in the game by tweaking different parts of a car. It is possible to make a wide variety of combinations with every little part of the car. You can perform racing through varied races at day or even at night for winning street champion in car racing.

 CSR Racing

Enjoy this game with fun gameplay factor along with minimalistic controls. Featuring more than 85 completely licensed cars, it is possible to unlock different cars and become the drace racing king in the exciting game.

Racing games have gained high fame in these days. You can enjoy some realistic games with speed by playing the above-mentioned games. If you are willing to enjoy some insane racing games, they are sure to give you goosebumps.


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