With the increase in the number of mobile platforms, it has become difficult for developers for conferring the apps in consumable form owing to the fact that users may use the same on varied platforms. For conserving time and effort, the aim is creating multi-platform apps where codes can be reused. Below is a list of the best cross-platform frameworks for the development of mobile apps.


Open Source PhoneGap happens to be an amazing option for the creation of cross-platform mobile apps. This tool is considered to be perfect for mobile applications who do not make use of native features of phone substantially. The tool is known to pack the applications in a native application container which lets Javascript enter device–level APIs like other normal applications. This tool helps in creating hybrid apps by the use of well-renowned web technologies. It helps to utilize a single code base in different platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS.


Appcelerator is beneficial in the creation of native apps by utilizing a single Javascript code base. It confers uninterrupted integration in existing delivery systems such as MDM and SCM solutions. It is known to have pre-built connectors which are available for Box, MongoDB, Salesforce, MS SQL, etc. ArrowDB, a data store is present in it that assists in utilizing data models without any setup efforts.


Xamarin assists in the creation of native apps for different platforms by the use of shared C# codebase. You can make use of similar API, language, and IDE with the assistance of this cross-platform tool. This tool offers quality assurance and functional testing for several devices for ensuring uninterrupted integration. It is possible to share almost 75% of developed code across various mobile platforms with the use of Xamarin.

 Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch happens to be one of the top cross-platform frameworks which can be used for creating effective applications by using hardware acceleration techniques. It is possible to build supreme quality of apps on Sencha with the right libraries and user interface components. This tool helps in creating large business applications and maintain the same without any hassles. This tool supports Windows, Blackberry, iOS, Android.


Monocross happens to be a leading open source platform which assists in building beautiful apps for iPhones, iPads, tablets, Windows, Android phones. This platform makes use of Microsoft.NET, C#, and Mono framework to develop multi-platform supported apps. You are accessible to different APIs that you will require for utilizing your applications in a secure way.

 Codename One

Codename One happens to be a cross-device platform that helps in rapid application development. The lightweight architecture helps user interface in working across different platforms in an uninterrupted manner. This cross-platform is known to support some of the well-renowned IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and NetBeans.

A wide variety of cross-platform mobile development tools is available in these days. Some are for gaming whereas some are concentrated on data security for different business purposes. Choosing the right cross-platform mobile development tool is dependent on the goals and requirements of your game.